Monday, July 21, 2014

How Putin Has Become Ensnarled by the Web of Lies the Russian Media is Propagating

The New Republic has an interesting summary of the "tangled web" of deception that is turning into a trap for Putin, who now finds himself a victim of "a combination of PTSD & The Stockholm Syndrome."

Perhaps it's no wonder that Russian natives are flocking to EXIT the Russian Federation just as non-Americans are flocking to ENTER the USA illegally.

Russia is beginning to look a gigantic insane asylum full of fearful paranoids. Drunken paranoids with Putin losing control of the direction of the avalanche of lies that he started.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ex-Commies suffer from moral decadence and a tendency to LIE

The Economist has a short article telling us what the intelligent & perceptive among us already knew.

Being brought up as a socialist gives a person TWICE the propensity to lie, cheat and steal. Click on the link to get the details.

Of course, this explains why the US socialist media lies without cease to the American People!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Czech Editorial Sums up Chowder-Head Obungler to a Tee

This Czech editorial sums up the legion of Democrat voters without a clue.

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their President. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

No Global Warming Since 1996, More COOLING in the Long-Term Forecast

Climate Depot delivers some sunspot facts that are spot-on.

Read the above link to discover more examples on how the AGW hoax is beginning to sputter out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Die Mannshaft Wins the World Cup

Germany rightly is named die Mannshaft, "The Team," because more than almost any other nation at the Cup, they WERE a team.

Not to put too much weight on the analogy, both Brazil and Argentina depended on three or four superstars whereas Germany's winning goal was a volley from Shuerrle to Goetze, two VERY late substitutions.

Rather simplistic, but still a demonstration of why the seamless tissue of teamwork almost always beats brilliant solo performances.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Christie Blasts Obama for Careless Foreign Policy

Gov'r Christie is ahead in early NH polls for 2016 and is shrugging off the ridiculous McCarthyism of the Left-wing NYT & media over a supposed bridge repair "scandal."

Why doesn't the media examine the criminal in the White House and his fellow miscreant at DOJ, the ineffable mobster Eric Holder?

Friday, July 11, 2014

The US is the New Old Europe

Matt Continetti makes a lot of cogent points about the USA, or what he calls The New Old Europe, a category this ahistorical administration is defining all by itself.

Clemens Wergin expatiates on the decadence of the USA & how much the Euros are starting to get nervous.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mario Rubio

The Economist MARCO RUBIO’S shoulder is sore. The junior senator from Florida has just had a cortisone injection to ease the pain from an old football injury. Congress is not short of square-jawed jocks. Given that politics often resembles a professional sport for the over-40s, this may be no coincidence. Mr Rubio, who won a college football scholarship, is an extreme case: his autobiography contains 26 references to the Miami Dolphins (apparently the first draft had many more). This mania for running back and forth can overshadow another, distinctly un-jock, interest of Mr Rubio’s, which is in social policy.

Over the past few months, while many of his colleagues have devoted themselves to mauling the president, he has proposed a series of government interventions to improve the lot of cash-strapped Americans. His aim is to have bills ready to go if Republicans take control of the Senate in November. This is not the first thing people associate with Mr Rubio, who came to national prominence when he defeated Florida’s governor, Charlie Crist, in a Senate race in 2010. At the time he was described as the first Tea Party senator, which implied a desire to burn down government and pour salt on the ashes. This was mistaken.

Though Mr Rubio fitted the description of a young insurgent, his background is not that of an anti-government crusader. He first ran for public office aged 26, becoming a member of the city commission in West Miami, a town of 6,000 people. His tenure is remembered, if at all, for the introduction of a bicycle-mounted policeman. When Alberto Gutman, a state senator of distinctively Floridian heritage (he described himself as “Jewban”: ie, Jewish and Cuban) was indicted for a distinctively Floridian crime (Medicare fraud), opening up positions further down the food chain, Mr Rubio was elected to the statehouse aged just 28. His nine years there were mostly spent turning the agenda of Jeb Bush, a centrist Republican governor, into law. He also showed a wonkish streak, travelling around the state holding rather earnest-sounding “idea-raisers”: 100 proposals that emerged from them were subsequently turned into a book.

When he arrived in the Senate Mr Rubio was hailed as a future saviour of a Republican Party struggling to appeal to Hispanic voters, on the basis that his parents had left Cuba in 1956. An already difficult task was made harder when he had a fight with Univision, the biggest Spanish-language network, in 2011. It became impossible when House Republicans declined to consider an immigration reform bill that Mr Rubio, along with three other Republicans and four Democrats, had put his name to. He has since concluded that a law to address the 12m undocumented migrants in the country will be impossible until the border is secure and the criteria for deciding who gets to come change from prioritising family reunification to favouring workers.

This will not win over the voters that the GOP had hoped Mr Rubio would magically deliver: even young Cubans, who have long stood out among Latinos for their attachment to the Republican Party, have started to switch their loyalties to the Democrats. On climate change, too, Mr Rubio is hardly a breath of fresh air. Most scientists, he says, agree that man is to blame, but he sees no point in imposing heavy economic costs on Americans for uncertain benefits.

If Mr Rubio is going to rescue his party from anything it is from an overly narrow view of what government ought to do. Both Mr Rubio’s parents worked at low-wage jobs—his father as a bartender, his mother at Kmart—but were able to provide a life for him and his siblings that was within touching distance of the middle class. In the years since then, he argues, a mixture of globalisation and automation have held down wages for low-skilled workers, making it harder for people without university degrees to repeat what his own parents managed to do.

Mr Rubio has various proposals for addressing this, including a federal wage subsidy to top up the incomes of the low-paid. He wants to help more students go to college, but also thinks the federal government should experiment with hiring people without degrees for white-collar work, as an example to other employers. Some of these ideas are unlikely to fly, such as a scheme to allow students to sell a share of their future income in exchange for money to fund tuition up front. But they show an urge to innovate that the GOP’s Congressional wing has been missing.

Does a safety net give people courage to soar? This is daring stuff in the context of today’s Republican Party because it envisages a role for government that many conservatives would find distasteful. Where Republican orthodoxy suggests saving poor people from welfare dependency by mercifully reducing the amount of money they receive, Mr Rubio aims to cut welfare spending by reducing the demand for it, keeping funding at the same level but handing anti-poverty programmes over to the states to figure out what works. “I don’t take my children to the circus very often,” he says, “but when I do I have noticed that acrobats tend to be much more daring when they have a safety net beneath them.” Such support “is essential for the success of the free enterprise system”.

It is hard to imagine some other Republicans with presidential ambitions saying anything like that. Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas, for example, often give the impression that the only thing standing between America and a restoration of the upwardly mobile society of the 1950s is a more faithful interpretation of the constitution. Mr Rubio is only 43, so he is probably not experienced enough to take on Hillary Clinton in 2016. But right now he is the most effective standard-bearer for conservatives who worry more about reducing poverty and long-term unemployment than about waging culture wars and cutting income tax. Whoever wins in November, these thoughts are worth taking seriously.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

VAST Left-Wing Conspiracy Resembles a RICO Crime Spree

Powerline has shone a searchlight onto a highly-secret CABAL on the left, which the Senator from Searchlight, NV, is an outstanding member. Harriet Reid would condemn this network if it were part of the Koch Brothers' donations, but since it's a bunch of Democrats plotting on how to separate Americans from their income through taxes, no problem.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Obama Demonstrates Usual Lack of Decisive Leadership

The National Journal is a good barometer of the MOR political landscape of DC.

The Dear Leader nowadays decides not to decide, IOW, to lead from behind!

No photo ops at the Mexican border with this profile in cowardice!

Harry Reid Lurches From Lunacy Into Incomprehension

POLITICO has an article on Harry Reid's last ride into the sunset on his spavined nag of Senate Majority Leader.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

IRCC and NOAA Baffled That Global Warming Is Reversed over last two Decades.

Forbes notes that NOAA, the climate agency of the USG, finally opened its new database on temperature change. Contrary to the Chicken Little brigades of Climate Change Fascists' predictions, the average temp of the USA is down -0.4 degree Fahrenheit over the last 16 years! That's half-a-degree cooler than the temp at the end of the last millennium. That's actually 1998.

And more disturbing to the climate activists, The Daily Mail has its analysts wondering why Antarctic sea ice has INCREASED since the last century.

Could the entire AGW be part of an enormous HOAX?

Read the articles linked above and judge for yourself.

Friday, July 04, 2014

How Obama Lost the Middle East

Classicist & Pundit Victor Davis Hanson put some thoughts forward on how the Bumbling Incompetent the USA must suffer for the next two years in the Oval Office "Lost" the Middle East.

In sum, with Obama politics always trumps policy and ideology reigns supreme.

Ditto for almost every every other obstacle Obama must confront or surmount---the Arrogant Know-It-All in Chief will not consult with Congress & knows that a compliant media will be a lapdog in blaming Congress for not being consulted.

The USA now has a shiftless rhetorician in charge of foreign & domestic affairs and as Dr. Hanson notes, the prognosis is not good.

And this cowardly large child looks around for someone to blame or at least make all these foreign policy setbacks from Crimea through Syria [and his imbecilic "red line" malfeasance] to ISIS or ISIL or IS go away.

In the meantime, this silly arrogant miscreant in the Oval Office misuses his power while trying to lower his handicap on the golf links.

You see, golf appears to this essentially shallow nitwit to be the only action even remotely under his control!

Certainly, sitting down with Mr. Boehner or even Harry Reid would be admitting defeat and this supremely delusional and completely arrogant imbecile knows that once he does that, the avalanche will commence and his presidency will be revealed to be the sham and shambles it already has become.

And admitting this will cause him to hemorrhage power until he is exposed as the classic Emperor without clothes!

Hanson has it right and Obama has lost his presidency.

The Quinnpiniac Poll which has Americans rating him as the WORST president since World War II will proceed backwards in time to Obama's being the WORST president since Woodrow Wilson, in the opinion of the American people, those geniuses who can sniff out a phony from far far away.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fouad Ajami dies after working for Peace in the Middle East for Forty Years

Fouad was my house guest in two different apartments in DC back in the early '80s.

I lost touch with him in the last decade or so, but he was always generous with his wisdom & quiet intelligence.

I wanted to ask him especially about Egypt, a country he loved so much, but by then he was advising the Bush Administration on Iraq & later, Syria.

I can remember his calling me after Sadat's assassination to inquire whether I thought it was a good idea for him to accept an offer from NBC TV to go to Cairo.

I said I thought it was, but he ended up declining the offer, because he thought the Egyptians would look down on a mere Lebanese TV reporter.

George Tenet told me when he was CoS of the Senate Intelligence Committee that he thought Fouad was the most perceptive mind on the Arabs and the Middle East in general.

I agree.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

IRS Tissue of Lies Unraveling? To mix the metaphor, is this the smoking gun?

Watergate looks like a Sunday School picnic compared to the parallel criminal cover-ups apparently sucked up by the knee-pad brigades of ObamaBots as gospel from Dear Leader's lips.

Both the Benghazi cover-up & the IRS scandal have pride of place in the vanguard of Obama's RICO network of crime schemes. Read the link above to find a company bragging that it has the contract to back up IRS archives.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Confidence in Newspapers falls to record lows

The NYT and other arrogant newspapers have lost the American public with their biased know-it-all insults to the average Joe's intelligence.

Gallup has latest bad news for Brian Williams and other news readers like Sawyer & Pelley for neglecting news on the right that they never report.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Robert Kagan: Why SuperPowers Don't Get to Retire

Kagan's article in TNR was so powerful in its argument that Obama invited the celebrated right-of-center historian [one of my favorites whose books I devour voraciously] to lunch to compare Weltanschaungs.

I was hoping that Kagan could suggest the Obungler to grow a spine rather than simply "lead from behind."

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Why Obama is limp-wristed on Foreign Policy

The Financial Times has a very cogent article on Obama's tendency to bungle every single foreign policy issue that forces itself upon him. Christopher Caldwell has a great analysis on Obama's shortcomings that merits close reading.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Climate Global Warmers Are McCarthyites? Insist on Conformity or Skeptics Will be Shunned?

Lennart Bengtsson has resigned from the middle-of-the-road Global Warming Policy Foundation [GWPF] after the lemmings in the Anthropomorphic Global Warming [AGW] swarm totally shunned him, like the Puritanical dunces that they are, for joining an objective climate organization.

Der Spiegel has the details of the scandal that Nobel Laureate physicist Richard Feynman famously warned about in a 1974 Commencement Address which called for an "unusual level of honesty" in scientists that causes them to constantly retest their conclusions in the light of incoming data.

Like the dishonest and biased American media, the Global Warming Nazis insist on total conformity to the pre-conclusion that only science presuming AGW can be discussed and all other scenarios are being "harmful," as a paper Bengtsson submitted to an Environmental Pravda for publishing was rejected for.

Mound of blubber Fat Al Gore may insist that "the science is settled," but he got a 'D' in his only course in science at Vanderbilt and famously flies around in his own jet which emits more pollution in a day than the Average Joe does in a year.

And thimble wits like Gore and the hordes of Orcs that swarm over any dissenters are making any real science about climate change [and climates always change---i.e. like the Younger Dryas stadial 12.9-11.5k BP & the Holocene temperature variations and the so-called "Little Ice Age" ~1350-1850 AD] a matter of dogma and are becoming Stalinist collectivist criminals infesting the world of so-called intellectuals.

In the megalomania of the Global Warming Left, sunspots or other larger phenomena are outside the realm of the man-made utopia based on total government control [in this case, the UN-based IPCC] is anathema.

Global Warming is the newest religion and one had better comply or be shunned in "polite company."

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Krugman & Li'l Ezra depants'd by WSJ's James Taranto over praising VA Death Panels.

Death Panels at the VA were not foreseen by the Twin Gurus of the Extreme Socialist left back in the mid-aughts. Like John Kerry, these amazing intellectual giants were for the VA before they were against it!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sudanese Woman to be Hanged for Apostasy

Meriam Wani will be hanged as an apostate in Khartoum without a peep from the loathsome grotesque collection of frauds know as feminists. Ditto for the national joke known our Mainstream Media.

You see, these monstrosities of lies and deception called feminists and journalists are not allowed to say positive things about Christians without incurring the wrath of their compliant morally-deficient colleagues. These are the spineless degenerates who meekly submit to their membership in the postmodern "intellectual elite" that serves as the Ministry of Truth in the Orwellian universe of 1984/2014. Hence the degenerates feel that Islam can do no wrong as long as it fights Christianity, so there will be ZERO publicity for this crime against humanity by the barbarous inhabitants of Sudan, [which in Arabic means 'land of the blacks,' a pejorative term employed by the racist light-skinned monsters who are the Levantine and Peninsula Arabs]

So Meriam may hang for being born of a Muslim father who left her Christian mother shortly after she was born.

Hanging dissidents and religious is not unusual for this barbarous country in the midst of a barbarous "Arab Nation" that daily administers lashes and murders its citizens in the umpty-thousands in senseless civil wars, as in Syria now and Lebanon for two decades that began when I was studying Arabic in Beirut in 1975.

As another personal aside, I was introduced in the early '80s to Mahmoud Mohammed Taha, later hanged for his political views, by Martin Indyk, no less. Now Indyk is John 'Lurch' Kerry'd teawallah errand boy in the task of flagellating Israel for its perceived insensitivity to the members of the "religion of peace.' [/sarc]

The Big Brother that is the "intellectual elite" of the USA will studiously ignore this atrocity and Meriam will hang without imparting a warning lesson to the hypocrites who mindlessly and senselessly steer our country toward another 9/11.

Piketty Gets Depants'd after Assuming the Position!

The inimitable Larry Summers whom I sat across from in a small luncheon for ten in Chicago two decades ago, subtlety and discreetly inserts a stiletto in the back of Thomas Piketty's book on capital.

In essence, Summers notes the other-worldly proposals of Piketty for an international tax regime as ridiculous, hiding his sarcasm & irony under a patina of non-technocrat economic reasoning.

And Summers is also understated in pointing out Piketty's unwarranted macroeconomic assumptions that underlie the Frenchman's alluring and eminently impressive research and writing style [he quotes Jane Austen, among others!] Read Summers' article in full to get the flavor of Piketty's ideas and his own brilliance in discrediting the French guru.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The New Cold War has already begun.

The Daily Mail has another article by Edward Lucas whose book The New Cold War I finished yesterday for the SECOND time.

Read the book, it's that good and a new updated edition is coming onto the market ASAP.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Democrat Liberal Hypocrisy well-hidden by its sycophantic stenographers in the Mass Media.

Matt Continetti at the Free Beacon explains how the Democrats whine about income inequality while running the biggest elitist oligarchy on the planet.

Just One Minute has a take on this from another angle, defrocking the loathsome Krugman chapter and verse.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama Loses all Credibility in the BRICS

Obama has lost any vestigial respect from the big developing powers. Read this FT article to get the lowdown.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tony Podesta's Downfall from the Heights of Marriage

Matt Continetti has a great piece in The Free Beacon about ultra-rich Podesta's breakup with Heather Miller. I was a direct report to Tony Podesta in the 1968 Indiana Primary working for Gene McCarthy. I ran into Tony last walking near his ritzy Kalorama home.His only greeting was "Hi Professor" as he walked past me without stopping.

Tony had put his young brother John in a job as my assistant in the New York Primary in 1968. John was last seen moving back into the WH to be Obama's sherpa/troubleshooter after serving as Clinton's chief-of-staff.

O tempora, O mores!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Putin's Oiligarchy: German Response is Ambivalent & Reflects European Nuances on Standing Up to its Russian Dilemma

The influential German newspaper Handelsblatt has an interesting article on the fundamental stresses that Putin's Crimean annexation is causing Europe to confront. Here is the précis:

The 'right to self-determination of peoples' that has been held up with such ceremonial pathos in Europe is an ambivalent category. In reality, Europe only wants the 'right to self-determination' for nations exactly as they currently exist. ... Not only does the Crimea crisis unmask the heavy-handed superpower aspirations of Russia and its attention-hungry president, it also uncovers Europe's inner weaknesses, as well as the continent's ambiguities. Putin serves only too well as a scapegoat."

Wolfram Weimer is a thoughtful and accomplished writer who sets out a very perceptive and well-written series of problems the Russian annexation is making Europe confront: the time horizon which goes back to 395 A.D. at the death of Theodosius I, when the Roman Empire was divided into East & West. The East/West division became greater with the split between Catholic and Orthodox in 1054. And the Crimea has been Russian since Catherine the Great conquered the Khanate in the 18th century, only Ukrainian since 1954 when Ukrainian-born Khrushchev "gave" Russian Crimea to the Ukraine as a "gift." Europe's time frame is about 1900 while Russia mindsets go back to before Peter the Great westernized Russia around 1700. Russia still has a sense of inferiority which it paradoxically offsets with extreme statements of universality and political/military suppression/invasion of its neighbors. Putin is seen in this light as an ill-mannered lower class thug seeking attention and touting a petrostate nationalism that embarrasses well-educated Russians [whom Putin would call "westernized" as an insult.]

Weimer speaks of Putin's own resentment of US/European "dominance" which criticizes Russian intervention and hegemony while moving NATO eastward & almost imperceptibly imposing its own political, economic & cultural dominance. Putin is now attempting to shift the Russian mindset eastward with an assertion of its unique contributions to both East & West.

Weimer hits the ball in Western Europe's court when criticizing the Crimean plebiscite for inclusion in Russia conflicts with the many movements in Europe for regional autonomy: Castile/Catalonia, Basques/Madrid, Scotland/England, Occitan & Corsica/France, even Venice/Italy and so on. The balkanization of Western Europe may be occurring in slow motion while Russia agglomerates its empire in the same fashion. Finland reportedly is the latest border state to join the menu of border states that Putin may consider pressuring into a closer relationship.

Economically, Europe also has an identity problem with its subsidiary relationship with both the US & Russia, where especially Russia considers the West as a 'grocery store' where an exchange of oil & gas buys baubles and bangles for its nomenklatura.

Weimer finally pinpoints Germany's lack of Realpolitik in punching below its weight as the leading power of Europe while ceding all western initiative to the U.S. And the German inability to see the Crimea as anything except "western" also narrows its own perceptions of the problem at hand. No one takes German threats of sanctions seriously, including Putin.

And Weimer says that as for Putin:
'the Crimea crisis unmask the heavy-handed superpower aspirations of Russia and its attention-hungry president, it also uncovers Europe's inner weaknesses, as well as the continent's ambiguities. Putin serves only too well as a scapegoat. The repressive czar of an oilgarchy; a dissenter who treats homosexuals and journalists like annoying flies; a militarist and former member of the KGB who places the right of the strong above legal strength; the lower-class macho man - it's so easy (and repeatedly justified) to simply view Putin as Europe's villain.
Weimer concludes that the Crimean crisis may reveal much to Europeans if they can accept a nuanced view of Russia as more than the thuggish reign of its new czar. Europe's own identity and self-esteem are also involved in the Crimean crisis, and Germany in particular has to play a more assertive role.

[[[FOOTNOTE]]]Since Angela Merkel speaks fluent Russian and Putin grammatically-correct heavy-accented German, it seems that economic superpower Germany has a key role in mutual self-understanding [although Merkel's comment after a recent conversation with Putin did wonder if the very short 5'2" czar was living in a world of fantasy!!]

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Expected Moves by Russia into Ukraine Predicted in 2006

Edward Lucas was the Economist's Moscow Bureau Chief for nearly a decade in the nineties and early 00's. His book The New Cold War is a clear-eyed view of Putin and the new Russia almost 25 years after the shackles of Communism were removed. In 2006 it was a WSJ Book of the Year. The 2009 revised version is even more damning than the original and goes into almost microscopic detail on the methods Putin's FSB [read KGB with a new moniker] applies state power to suppress almost all political opposition.

Murdering Journalists who report on Putin's misdeeds makes it difficult to penetrate the opaque screen around the thuggish, sloppy and heavy-handed methods employed. But Putin's accession to power in 1999 as President pro tempore until the elections in early 2000 demonstrate this brutal dwarf [5'2"] at his worst. In order to get the Russian people panicked, his FSB hit squads blew up three apartment buildings in Moscow which killed 300 people. This was blamed on Chechen separatists and Putin was able to begin his genocidal attack on Chechnya, with massive casualties on both sides. Lucas points out Putin's responsibility for this series of explosions with almost irrefutable circumstantial evidence of a massive FSB cover-up, with three conflicting versions put out by these Keystone Kops to prove their sloppy unprofessional murderous behavior.

The list of Putin's actions to cancel Yeltsin's good intentions to federalize the FSU by concentrating all state power in his hands is enumerated by endless well-written anecdotal and documented evidence, with copious footnotes to help the serious reader through the rough patches.

And it must be said that Putin has found a formula to ensure his popularity with the majority of the Russian people. A burgeoning economy contrasts strongly with Yeltsin's hapless bouts with runaway inflation and crashes beyond his control. The internal stability Putin's one-party autocracy provides has produced a rapidly growing middle class, something unknown in Russia's long history of Czardom and Communism. Putin's "gas station with nukes" makes for economic growth through a Petrostate and assured fearful respect internationally as a nuclear power second only to the USA. As long as Russia has oil and gas to export, the economy is safe.

But Russia's endemic corruption dwarfs the peccadillos of other advanced industrial countries, save perhaps the PRC. The billions of dollars oligarchs have amassed and the smug superiority of the Nomenklatura state officials in favor with the Kremlin attest to a society far from a fair shake and chances to elevate oneself.

And Putin's insecurity remains strong, even while he invades his neighbors Georgia and Ukraine. Russianized Ukraine may be next, followed by Estonia, which Lucas says is somehow an especially irritating thorn in Moscow's flesh, perhaps because of its spectacular economic success. Transnistria resembles South Ossetia in its breakaway from its parent neighbor, in this case Moldava.

Recall that Putin has said that the dissolution of the Soviet Union is the "great tragedy" of the 20th century. His attention will remain westward because countries like the "Stans" are economic basket cases except for oil-rich Azerbaijan. And Putin is said to remark to guests in his personal office that the bookshelves lining the walls are from Stalin's personal library. He often takes a book off the shelf and opens it to show sentences the brutal despot has underlined or made marginal comments. Putin has the same diminutive stature, astounding cunning, ruthless methods and autodidactic habits of his genocidal mentor. They both incarcerat[ed] dissidents in mental hospitals and view[ed] minorities in their territory as potential enemies, e.g. the Chechens andTatars. They differ only in degree---Putin has no Gulags nor does he believe in Communism. But the inbred insecurity is the same and the heavy-handed methods are similar.

Lucas does make one overriding assertion that any student of Russian can agree with. In the long centuries of Russian history, except for a few months of Kerensky in 1917 and Yeltsin's sad tenure of luckless mediocrity, there has never been a period of political liberty for the individual Russian citizens. The Romanov czars were succeeded by the Communist czars. Ivan The Terrible's Oprichniki were followed by the Romanovs' Okhrana and the Communists' Chekist, OGPU, NKVD, KGB and now Putin's FSB, of which he is a graduate member. As long as they have some measure of prosperity, the average Russian is content and views any opposition to his ruler as extremism. Western thought went through a Renaissance and Enlightenment and prizes individualism. The average Russian fears too much individual responsibility and this might account for Putin's extraordinary popularity. Over 60% on average and in times of panic [bombs in Moscow] and foreign expansion, the rate goes higher.

One wonders if Obama has really remembers his thesis on nuclear disarmament written in the mid-80's while at Columbia U. Conveniently "lost," it might throw some light on the clueless bumpkin he was on foreign relations with the Soviet Union. Romney nailed him in the debate with his "leading geopolitical foe" and now Obama is trying to wriggle out of his starry-eyed naiveté. He must have taken the tiny band of democracy activists in Moscow seriously, without understanding the massive weight of history Russia still carries and will carry into the conceivable future. As far as political freedom is concerned, the average Russian is still a serf, and ominously, doesn't mind being a serf at all, as long as he is well off.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WSJ/NBC Poll Putting Obama at 41%, but Lede deeply Buried as to Party Affiliation of polling subjects

Note the Participant percentages and you will find 43% Dem and 37%.
Strong Democrat................................................ 19

Not very strong Democrat .................................. 13

Independent/lean Democrat............................... 11

Strictly Independent ........................................... 15

Not Independent/lean Republican ............................ 15

Not very strong Republican................................ 9

Strong Republican ............................................. 13

Other (VOL) .......................................................

Not sure ......................................................…..

Invariably these WSJ/NBC polls skew Democrat in their participant level and they bury this fact on page 25 [also per usual]

Can one imagine that Obama's skimpy approval rating of 41% would be HIGHER if the poll weren't skewed about 10% leftward?

Methinks not

Another example of the dishonesty of the left-biased mainstream media.

Incidentally, burying the self-perceived affiliation of the participants is almost NORMAL in all of these polls---such as ABC/WashPost and CBS/NYT. Even CNN and other "neutral" outlets lean left and so all these polls get misleading headlines which the average reader thinks are fair and balanced in their polling.

Another example of the dishonesty of the mainstream media.

Sheryl Attkisson would be very PO'd in her reporting this if she hadn't resigned" yesterday.