Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama Loses all Credibility in the BRICS

Obama has lost any vestigial respect from the big developing powers. Read this FT article to get the lowdown.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tony Podesta's Downfall from the Heights of Marriage

Matt Continetti has a great piece in The Free Beacon about ultra-rich Podesta's breakup with Heather Miller. I was a direct report to Tony Podesta in the 1968 Indiana Primary working for Gene McCarthy. I ran into Tony last walking near his ritzy Kalorama home.His only greeting was "Hi Professor" as he walked past me without stopping.

Tony had put his young brother John in a job as my assistant in the New York Primary in 1968. John was last seen moving back into the WH to be Obama's sherpa/troubleshooter after serving as Clinton's chief-of-staff.

O tempora, O mores!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Putin's Oiligarchy: German Response is Ambivalent & Reflects European Nuances on Standing Up to its Russian Dilemma

The influential German newspaper Handelsblatt has an interesting article on the fundamental stresses that Putin's Crimean annexation is causing Europe to confront. Here is the précis:

The 'right to self-determination of peoples' that has been held up with such ceremonial pathos in Europe is an ambivalent category. In reality, Europe only wants the 'right to self-determination' for nations exactly as they currently exist. ... Not only does the Crimea crisis unmask the heavy-handed superpower aspirations of Russia and its attention-hungry president, it also uncovers Europe's inner weaknesses, as well as the continent's ambiguities. Putin serves only too well as a scapegoat."

Wolfram Weimer is a thoughtful and accomplished writer who sets out a very perceptive and well-written series of problems the Russian annexation is making Europe confront: the time horizon which goes back to 395 A.D. at the death of Theodosius I, when the Roman Empire was divided into East & West. The East/West division became greater with the split between Catholic and Orthodox in 1054. And the Crimea has been Russian since Catherine the Great conquered the Khanate in the 18th century, only Ukrainian since 1954 when Ukrainian-born Khrushchev "gave" Russian Crimea to the Ukraine as a "gift." Europe's time frame is about 1900 while Russia mindsets go back to before Peter the Great westernized Russia around 1700. Russia still has a sense of inferiority which it paradoxically offsets with extreme statements of universality and political/military suppression/invasion of its neighbors. Putin is seen in this light as an ill-mannered lower class thug seeking attention and touting a petrostate nationalism that embarrasses well-educated Russians [whom Putin would call "westernized" as an insult.]

Weimer speaks of Putin's own resentment of US/European "dominance" which criticizes Russian intervention and hegemony while moving NATO eastward & almost imperceptibly imposing its own political, economic & cultural dominance. Putin is now attempting to shift the Russian mindset eastward with an assertion of its unique contributions to both East & West.

Weimer hits the ball in Western Europe's court when criticizing the Crimean plebiscite for inclusion in Russia conflicts with the many movements in Europe for regional autonomy: Castile/Catalonia, Basques/Madrid, Scotland/England, Occitan & Corsica/France, even Venice/Italy and so on. The balkanization of Western Europe may be occurring in slow motion while Russia agglomerates its empire in the same fashion. Finland reportedly is the latest border state to join the menu of border states that Putin may consider pressuring into a closer relationship.

Economically, Europe also has an identity problem with its subsidiary relationship with both the US & Russia, where especially Russia considers the West as a 'grocery store' where an exchange of oil & gas buys baubles and bangles for its nomenklatura.

Weimer finally pinpoints Germany's lack of Realpolitik in punching below its weight as the leading power of Europe while ceding all western initiative to the U.S. And the German inability to see the Crimea as anything except "western" also narrows its own perceptions of the problem at hand. No one takes German threats of sanctions seriously, including Putin.

And Weimer says that as for Putin:
'the Crimea crisis unmask the heavy-handed superpower aspirations of Russia and its attention-hungry president, it also uncovers Europe's inner weaknesses, as well as the continent's ambiguities. Putin serves only too well as a scapegoat. The repressive czar of an oilgarchy; a dissenter who treats homosexuals and journalists like annoying flies; a militarist and former member of the KGB who places the right of the strong above legal strength; the lower-class macho man - it's so easy (and repeatedly justified) to simply view Putin as Europe's villain.
Weimer concludes that the Crimean crisis may reveal much to Europeans if they can accept a nuanced view of Russia as more than the thuggish reign of its new czar. Europe's own identity and self-esteem are also involved in the Crimean crisis, and Germany in particular has to play a more assertive role.

[[[FOOTNOTE]]]Since Angela Merkel speaks fluent Russian and Putin grammatically-correct heavy-accented German, it seems that economic superpower Germany has a key role in mutual self-understanding [although Merkel's comment after a recent conversation with Putin did wonder if the very short 5'2" czar was living in a world of fantasy!!]

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Expected Moves by Russia into Ukraine Predicted in 2006

Edward Lucas was the Economist's Moscow Bureau Chief for nearly a decade in the nineties and early 00's. His book The New Cold War is a clear-eyed view of Putin and the new Russia almost 25 years after the shackles of Communism were removed. In 2006 it was a WSJ Book of the Year. The 2009 revised version is even more damning than the original and goes into almost microscopic detail on the methods Putin's FSB [read KGB with a new moniker] applies state power to suppress almost all political opposition.

Murdering Journalists who report on Putin's misdeeds makes it difficult to penetrate the opaque screen around the thuggish, sloppy and heavy-handed methods employed. But Putin's accession to power in 1999 as President pro tempore until the elections in early 2000 demonstrate this brutal dwarf [5'2"] at his worst. In order to get the Russian people panicked, his FSB hit squads blew up three apartment buildings in Moscow which killed 300 people. This was blamed on Chechen separatists and Putin was able to begin his genocidal attack on Chechnya, with massive casualties on both sides. Lucas points out Putin's responsibility for this series of explosions with almost irrefutable circumstantial evidence of a massive FSB cover-up, with three conflicting versions put out by these Keystone Kops to prove their sloppy unprofessional murderous behavior.

The list of Putin's actions to cancel Yeltsin's good intentions to federalize the FSU by concentrating all state power in his hands is enumerated by endless well-written anecdotal and documented evidence, with copious footnotes to help the serious reader through the rough patches.

And it must be said that Putin has found a formula to ensure his popularity with the majority of the Russian people. A burgeoning economy contrasts strongly with Yeltsin's hapless bouts with runaway inflation and crashes beyond his control. The internal stability Putin's one-party autocracy provides has produced a rapidly growing middle class, something unknown in Russia's long history of Czardom and Communism. Putin's "gas station with nukes" makes for economic growth through a Petrostate and assured fearful respect internationally as a nuclear power second only to the USA. As long as Russia has oil and gas to export, the economy is safe.

But Russia's endemic corruption dwarfs the peccadillos of other advanced industrial countries, save perhaps the PRC. The billions of dollars oligarchs have amassed and the smug superiority of the Nomenklatura state officials in favor with the Kremlin attest to a society far from a fair shake and chances to elevate oneself.

And Putin's insecurity remains strong, even while he invades his neighbors Georgia and Ukraine. Russianized Ukraine may be next, followed by Estonia, which Lucas says is somehow an especially irritating thorn in Moscow's flesh, perhaps because of its spectacular economic success. Transnistria resembles South Ossetia in its breakaway from its parent neighbor, in this case Moldava.

Recall that Putin has said that the dissolution of the Soviet Union is the "great tragedy" of the 20th century. His attention will remain westward because countries like the "Stans" are economic basket cases except for oil-rich Azerbaijan. And Putin is said to remark to guests in his personal office that the bookshelves lining the walls are from Stalin's personal library. He often takes a book off the shelf and opens it to show sentences the brutal despot has underlined or made marginal comments. Putin has the same diminutive stature, astounding cunning, ruthless methods and autodidactic habits of his genocidal mentor. They both incarcerat[ed] dissidents in mental hospitals and view[ed] minorities in their territory as potential enemies, e.g. the Chechens andTatars. They differ only in degree---Putin has no Gulags nor does he believe in Communism. But the inbred insecurity is the same and the heavy-handed methods are similar.

Lucas does make one overriding assertion that any student of Russian can agree with. In the long centuries of Russian history, except for a few months of Kerensky in 1917 and Yeltsin's sad tenure of luckless mediocrity, there has never been a period of political liberty for the individual Russian citizens. The Romanov czars were succeeded by the Communist czars. Ivan The Terrible's Oprichniki were followed by the Romanovs' Okhrana and the Communists' Chekist, OGPU, NKVD, KGB and now Putin's FSB, of which he is a graduate member. As long as they have some measure of prosperity, the average Russian is content and views any opposition to his ruler as extremism. Western thought went through a Renaissance and Enlightenment and prizes individualism. The average Russian fears too much individual responsibility and this might account for Putin's extraordinary popularity. Over 60% on average and in times of panic [bombs in Moscow] and foreign expansion, the rate goes higher.

One wonders if Obama has really remembers his thesis on nuclear disarmament written in the mid-80's while at Columbia U. Conveniently "lost," it might throw some light on the clueless bumpkin he was on foreign relations with the Soviet Union. Romney nailed him in the debate with his "leading geopolitical foe" and now Obama is trying to wriggle out of his starry-eyed naiveté. He must have taken the tiny band of democracy activists in Moscow seriously, without understanding the massive weight of history Russia still carries and will carry into the conceivable future. As far as political freedom is concerned, the average Russian is still a serf, and ominously, doesn't mind being a serf at all, as long as he is well off.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WSJ/NBC Poll Putting Obama at 41%, but Lede deeply Buried as to Party Affiliation of polling subjects

Note the Participant percentages and you will find 43% Dem and 37%.
Strong Democrat................................................ 19

Not very strong Democrat .................................. 13

Independent/lean Democrat............................... 11

Strictly Independent ........................................... 15

Not Independent/lean Republican ............................ 15

Not very strong Republican................................ 9

Strong Republican ............................................. 13

Other (VOL) .......................................................

Not sure ......................................................…..

Invariably these WSJ/NBC polls skew Democrat in their participant level and they bury this fact on page 25 [also per usual]

Can one imagine that Obama's skimpy approval rating of 41% would be HIGHER if the poll weren't skewed about 10% leftward?

Methinks not

Another example of the dishonesty of the left-biased mainstream media.

Incidentally, burying the self-perceived affiliation of the participants is almost NORMAL in all of these polls---such as ABC/WashPost and CBS/NYT. Even CNN and other "neutral" outlets lean left and so all these polls get misleading headlines which the average reader thinks are fair and balanced in their polling.

Another example of the dishonesty of the mainstream media.

Sheryl Attkisson would be very PO'd in her reporting this if she hadn't resigned" yesterday.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

FT and Obama's 'Chicken Kiev" Moment

Edward Luce damns Obama with faint praise. Classic understated British putdown of a US POTUS who makes Jimmy Carter look warlike….

Another Holodomor? 19th Century Rules? Kerry shows his yellow state of mind.

The Holodomor was the series of catastrophes that first the Soviets and then the Germans visited upon Ukraine. Millions died of starvation in the '20's and purges in the '30's by the malignant tumor named Stalin.

Then came Hitler and millions more died, mostly Jewish Ukrainians.

Now Putin is threatening a third slaughter of Ukrainians, as he annexes Crimea just as Hitler "annexed" Sudetenland before swallowing all Czechoslovakia.

Now a cowardly POTUS and his grandiose lapdog Kerry threaten "sanctions" and Obama's absence from the upcoming G-8 meeting in Sochi this summer. Obama is certainly "leading from behind" and House Intel Chief Rogers is right when he says Putin is playing chess and Obama "marbles."

The reason Obama doesn't call the rest of the G-8 to call for the ejection of Russia from the body and cancellation of the Sochi meetings is the NONE of our "allies" take Obama seriously after his "red line" fiasco in Syria.

Thanks to Obama, the United States is now a second-tier actor on the world stage and we all better get used to it. Timothy Snyder, acclaimed author of Bloodlands showing Ukraine's sufferings since the Soviet takeover has the best analysis.

Left unsaid by all is the Ukrainian West's total determination to resist Russian domination which has murdered millions of their majority Catholic Uniate and its other minority citizens since 1917.

Russian Orthodoxy is the fig leaf supposedly hiding Putin's naked aggression.Edward Lucas, author of The New Cold War, emphasizes Obama and the EU's "postmodern" views on foreign policy as journeys into a liberal la-la land where everybody gets trophies.

Lucas says that Western banks enabling Russian corrupt oligarchs, including Putin, are as big a factor in Putin's calculations as irredentist territorial ambitions.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Barry Rubin Dead at Sixty-Four

Barry was a friend long ago whose eccentricities were outweighed by his humanity. I haven't seen him for 20 years, but read his occasional pieces on Israel and the Middle East.l

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zakaria: US/Iran Nuclear Deal a "Train Wreck"

Obama Advisor Fareed Zakaria interviewed Iranian Rouhani and came back with the strong impression that Iran and the US have two entirely different outcomes in mind as a goal of the agreement on nuclear management.

Leave it to the amateur "Red Line" Obama and his grandiose spokes boy John Kerry to botch up another relationship in the Middle East.

Read the Washington Beacon article above because you won't read it in the Obama-worshipping Mainstream Media.

State Department Malfeasance Bordering on Treason

Patrick Kennedy is Undersecretary of State for Management and a nasty littles specimen ever since I clashed with him decades ago in my decade-long FSO career.

The WSJ has an article by the DCM of the Embassy in Libya Gregory Hicks pinning the blame on Kennedy for replacing diplomatic security [Americans] with Libyan mercenaries, a disastrous outsourcing in a flammable environment. At the first outbreak on Sept 11th, they disappeared.

Of course, had Kennedy ever served overseas in a dangerous environment, as I had in Vietnam and Beirut and Saudi Arabia, this career desk jockey would have had a sense of the undependability of local militias. But Kennedy knew better, of course.

Don't expect this expert in equivocation to suffer any punishment. He and his feckless boss Hilary have a future to protect. Ditching Kennedy would implicitly confer some sense of accountability to a silly collection of affirmative action diplomats which make the US the laughingstock of the planet as Obama messes up sixty years of success with his amateur hour diplomacy. The Vietnam war hero [!] Kerry will continue the cover-up.

The cover-up of Benghazi will make Watergate look like the burglary it was. Nobody died at Watergate.

And the fact that the Benghazi cover-up was instrumental in getting Obama elected to a second term makes this a crime against the US Constitution.

Not that the Democratic tabloids like the NYT and the WaPo have any respect for the Constitution…!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bashir sends FonMin to Lie for Sake of Country

Bashir al Assad continues his genocide of Sunnis in Syria---60% of the population ruled by a nasty Alawite minority of 15%. Meanwhile in Montreux in Switzerland Foreign Minister Moallem ranted on for a half-hour past his allotment about "terrorists." A 'terrorist' appears in his vocabulary to be anyone opposing Bashir's tyrannical regime.

As one who has been to Syria half-a-dozen times, I remember the kind and hospitable Syrian people who Bashir's gunsels are killing at a rate of a thousand a day with his Russian arms.

The Russians want their warm water base in Latakia so desperately that they will allow the last Syrian to die before they leave their port.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Persian Version

Robert Graves poem about the other side's perceptions comes in handy when it comes to World War I, whose centenary we are "celebrating" this year. I'm trudging through Christopher Clark's The Sleepwalkers, a handy guide for the dishonesty of the British Foreign Office under the tutelage of Earl Grey and the duplicity of the French as well.

I'm also reading the horrendous propaganda of The Literary Digest history, a massive 10 volume collection of aspersions against the Germans and the "imbecile" Austro-Hungarians [a sample of Francis Whiting Halsey's objectivity.

I first broached the Literary Digest version over 60 years ago, when I first learned to read. It was a gift from my Grandma Mangan, who always badgered me to be a doctor.

Monday, December 30, 2013

NYT Benghazi cover-up mirrors First Liar's BS on 9/11/12

The Jug-eared Freak who infest the White House had his fairy tale on Benghazi. House Intelligence Chief Mike Rogers refuted the NYT fantasy strongly and many other outlets with much more journalistic integrity than the NYT practically insulted the Old Gray Whore.

Editor-in-Chief Jill Abramson bends over backwards to suck cafe-au-lait cock.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Mark Steyn and Obamanomics

Steyn has a great put-down of the Big Government liberalism of this Administration.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

First Fraud Evades Talking about Dropped Coverage

Obungler didn't mention how messed up his ACA is in his agitprop presentation defending Obamacare.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

P.J.O'Rourke on the Boomer Generation

In the '70s, I was living overseas while PJ was editor of the famous comedy magazine National Lampoon. He was alway hilarious and on point.

Read this WSJ article and enjoy his barbed commentary on his own generation.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Short Primer of Obamacare and its Shortcomings.

The Wall Street Journal has a succinct and damning assessment of the disaster which is Obamacare. Read and weep.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gerhard Gerecht on Iranian Treachery

Mr. Gerecht is a brilliant CIA analyst of the Middle East whom I once had a chance to meet, but failed because of a misunderstanding between my boss at Waterman Associates and Mr. Gerecht. His article is a learned and insightful discourse on Iran's treacherous "agreement" at Geneva.

Read it and you will understand why Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman was not suffering a slip of the tongue when she testified to Congress that Iran has "treachery in its DNA."

Her spineless gutless vapid insipid bosses Kerry and Obama have "cut and run" out of fear of their cowardly Dem base.

Read Gerecht's brilliant commentary above.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IT Experts Caution that Obamacare website not secure.

Obama is now blaming the GOP after a half-hour mea culpa last week. The weakness of the Finger Pointer in Chief is limitless.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Edward Luce on Obama's Disappearing Street Cred on the Hill [and with the American People]

The Financial Times has a clear outline of what Obama has to face from now on.

Obama’s problems derive chiefly from his tendency to react politically to events, rather than from a lack of time. His fumbling response to the woes engulfing the Affordable Care Act show how hard it is for him to kick the habit – even if the remainder of his presidency depends on it.

Just that community organizer vibe in action!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thus Spake Obama

Mark Steyn eloquently sums up the travesty Obama's presidency has become...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

At last, Putin Comes out with an Honest Assessment of the US and its incompetent Joke of a POTUS.

Putin allegedly said off the record : "negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around, like it won the game.
Here is a comprehensive list of Obama's administrations blunders.

Caution. This is a long long list.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New York Times Cites Oct 8th International Tests Subject in blog below

Americans are being outperformed by all western European countries plus Japan---except Spain & Italy. Check out the alarmist editorial by the august graybeards of its board of wise people.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Pussification of Today's Male Proceeds Apace

Dennis Mangan writes with his usual insight and brilliance on dimorphism of the genders over the centuries, going all the way back to the Lascaux Cave handprints!

"[Sebelius's] head must roll!"

JournoLista Ezra Klein's expostulation about the cabinet leader from HELL, Katherine Sebelius, although he didn't specify her for fear of incurring the wrath of his imbecile readers, is entirely TRUE.

Read James Taranto's take on the horrid biyotch who will supervise the designated Death Panel executioners as soon as they are appointed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who the Tea Party Faithful Really Are

William Galston has an interesting article in the WSJ about the Tea Party as falling into the Jacksonian tradition of American democracy.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

American Adults Score low in International Tests

American adults resemble their children in chronic lack of how-to old-fashioned Yankee know-how.

When I was Vice Consul in Lyon, my boss Peter Tarnoff read of a study that showed that American workers were overall more literate than French labor at the same level. Members of the U.S. work-force had double the amount of words at their disposal on average than their French counterparts.

This is still true, according to the latest study, with France, Spain, Poland, Ireland and Italy lagging behind. However, the build-up of a giant educational bureaucracy in the US which spends profligately on layer-after-layer of unnecessary bureaucrats is impeding the actual teaching of the three R's. Instead, a barmy version of sociology is imparted that hate-crimes bullying and all sorts of recreational and social customs that are deemed 'hateful' by elitist extremist busybodies.

Don't expect to read anything about this among the elitist eunuch media courtiers surrounding Obeyme and his media-fed firewall of spinners and prevaricators.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stalin: In the Court of the Red Tsar

Simon Sebag Montefiori [Bloomberg] has written the best book on the Red Czar --- a creature who was a terrorist against his own people --- who considered Ivan The Terrible his model for governance!!!

The only issue that disturbed this criminal more than conspiring colleagues was their wives, who were murdered in their hundreds to remind their husbands to obey the Party Line!

For a small taste of this brutal savage's insanity, take the book out of your nearest library or read Richard Pipes' book review in the NYT a few years back.

Remember that Putin stores Stalin's entire hoard of books in his Kremlin Office and is fond of showing visitors Stalin's annotated texts, all while wearing Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring!

The tradition of brutal homicidal maniacs ruling The Motherland continues even unto today!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Obama Gets Lost in the Middle East Bazaar

Fouad Ajami in the WSJ. I myself was gypped for a thousand dollars in the Egyptian souk in Cairo:
There is a trick in the great labyrinthine bazaars of the Middle East: petty hucksters luring the vacationing franjis into the market maze and then getting paid to lead them out. As dusk looms, the unnerved outsider is always glad to be steered to familiar surroundings. In the matter of Syria, and America's staggeringly inept diplomacy, Vladimir Putin is the clever trickster who has seized upon an unsuspecting prey. The Russian strongman now proposes a way out for an American leader desperately searching for deliverance. For the full length of this relentless Syrian rebellion, the Russian autocracy aided and abetted the Syrian dictatorship, a Mafia regime made in the Kremlin's own image. Moscow granted Bashar Assad diplomatic cover at the United Nations, and kept him supplied with the military hardware that enabled him to wage a cruel war against a determined rebellion. The survival of the Syrian regime was a "red line" for the Russian ruler—a true red line. The dictatorship in Damascus had been forged four decades ago, when Soviet power was on the rise. Syrian armies and factories, the intelligence services and the architecture, were all in the Soviet mold. The sun may have set on the old Soviet empire, but on the shores of the Mediterranean, with a derelict naval base in Tartus waiting to be revived, Syria offered Russia the consolation that it could still play the game of the great powers. In the Syrian mirror, Mr. Putin sees a version of his own battle with Chechen insurgents. Enlarge Image Getty Images Vladimir Putin greets Barack Obama at the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sept. 5. Now it is dusk, and the hapless Barack Obama has lost his old swagger. He had feigned intimacy with "the East," he had thought that he was at ease with that big Islamic world. Instead, he was befuddled by what awaited him, and now he finds himself at the mercy of a Russian skilled in the ruses of the bazaar. Grant the Russians the consistency of their position on Syria. From the outset of the civil war two years ago, Moscow insisted that it would not stand idly by and accept a repetition of what had happened in Libya. The deranged Moammar Gadhafi was a man the Russians knew and favored. By their lights, they had let him down when they let slip through the cracks of the U.N. machinery a proposal that called for the protection of Libyan civilians. The proposal gave NATO the warrant that led to the destruction of the Libyan dictatorship. No such ambiguity this time around. Russia was determined to see its client regime in Damascus to victory. If Soviet decay and American resolve had all but banished Moscow's influence from Middle Eastern lands, Vladimir Putin was eager for a Russian return—all the more so if the restoration came on the cheap. The Arab rebellions of 2011 had unnerved the Russians. The autocratic model itself was on the defensive, and those Arab regimes of plunder and tyranny were both physically close to Russia and bore a striking resemblance to the lawless Kremlin model of rule. It took no special genius on the part of Mr. Putin to see the irresolution of his American counterpart. There, on display, was the spectacle of U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, where American primacy had been secured with much blood and treasure. And there was Iran, unchecked and on a determined drive that had granted it enormous sway all the way from its border with Iraq to the Mediterranean. "The tide of war is receding" was the American leader's mantra. The Russian ruler fully understood that the Middle East was a Hobbesian region sensitive to shifts of power, always appraising the stamina of outsiders who venture into its midst. Syria itself revealed the abdication of American power. For two long years, when so many good options were still possible, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was, in effect, a player on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's team. Time and again, American diplomacy hid behind the Russian veto at the U.N. Security Council. The Obama administration deferred to the Security Council, knowing that the White House's public wishes would be rebuffed. This was the pretext for ignoring the Syrian massacres, the terrible war in the Fertile Crescent. At times, Secretary Clinton's brief echoed Russian pronouncements: These were not ordinary Syrians battling for freedom, we were told, they were zealots, affiliated with al Qaeda, and surely we did not want to find ourselves on the same side in Syria with Ayman al-Zawahiri. (Hillary Clinton's remarkable luck holds: The Syrian horrors don't stick to her—apparently "global icons" are not held accountable for political debacles.) Mr. Putin has an eye for the fecklessness of the democracies. He knew that the Obama administration, seized with panic, would take the bait he offered: custody of Syria's chemical weapons in return for giving the Damascus regime a new lease on life. We are war-weary, Mr. Obama intones repeatedly. He was elected to end wars, not to start them, the president reminds us. But none of our leaders—certainly not the ones who mattered, who answered the call of history—was elected to start wars. We anoint our leaders to rid us of our weariness when resolve is called for, to draw for us the connection between our security and menaces at a seeming far remove. The leaders of the past two decades who sent American forces to Bosnia, to Kosovo, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, were not thirsting for foreign wars. These leaders located America, and its interests, in the world. Pity the Syrians, they rose up in the time of Barack Obama.
Yes, it is not difficult to snooker a naive silly boy like our Coward-in-Chief.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patrick Kennedy breaks the Law at the State Department.

Patrick Kennedy is the scoundrel still at the Management position plotting away to do the bidding of his master/mistress Hillary Clinton. Ambassdor Gutman is typical of the political ambassadors chosen by this Administration. A Democrat, a crook and a pervert all at once.